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Hi-fi News Show 2006

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Hi-fi News we put on a display of rare vintage hi-fi items at the Hi-fi News Show from 22nd to 24th September 2006. Here are some photos from the event:


Rogers column speaker, Decca Corner Horn, Vitavox Klipschorn, Acoustical Corner Ribbon


Vitavox Klipschorn Reproducer


Acoustical QA12, Hartley-Turner


Goodsell Williamson


Leak tonearms, Pye Mozart amplifier and tuner


Voigt Domestic Corner Horn


Lowther Hegeman, Lowther radiogram


Lowther radiogram, Lowther TP1 "B"


Lowther PM2, Lowther PM1, Voigt Mains Energised Drive Unit, Voigt Permanent Magnet Drive Unit


Lowther LL15S, Lowther LL10, Lowther LL18S


Lowther B5F


Lowther A10F


Lowther tuners and pre-amps