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Here are some photos from previous Audiojumbles:

The Audiojumble is packed full of enthusiasts, collectors and dealers, who travel from all over the world to attend.

Vintage and modern valve equipment is prominent at the Audiojumble.

"The annual Audiojumble in Tonbridge just gets better and better", Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News, June 2002, commenting on last years Audiojumble.

Last years vintage valve amplifier display, celebrating the Audiojumble's 10th year:

Beam Echo DL7-35, Lowther LL15S, RCA KT66 monoblock:









Many rare vintage audio items regularly turn up at Audiojumble events. As well as the more common Quads, Leaks, Tannoys, Lowthers etc, rare items that have been on sale recently include:

RGD amplifier

Dynatron LF59 amplifier

Pye PF91 amplifier

Even a Tannoy GRF turned up the other year!